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global_resource_directory = /common/resources/it_IT/default
directory_delimiter = \
products = CPS1,CWS1
units = Unità
module_mapping_directory = /prtl_cws_modules/
date_format_short =
mds = PcSnap_root
template_directory = /cms_template
site_url = http://www.wetradetogether.com
io_user = Admin
webmaster_email = [email protected]
utenti_registrati_stop_all_instant_message_group_number = -2
pds_type = SQLSERVER
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shared_resource_directory = /common/resources/shared
admin_email = [email protected]
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utenti_registrati_stop_all_instant_message_group = 125,17510
date_format_long =
root_directory = D:\www\my_test\wwww\cf\site_root\
url = /signup/signup
portal_name = wetradtogeher.com
sqlservernameblob =
cya = cya
databaseformat = mm/dd/yyyy
site_name_abbreviated = club.wetradetogether.com
portal_address_cya = http://www.cya.it/
local_server_locale = en_US
treepaneforced = 1
utenti_registrati_stop_all_instant_message = true
content_root = /intranet_documents
buttons_as_images = true
moodle = cya_moodle
required_module_popup_type = inline
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string_concatenation = +
portal_spw = 1
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