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Wetradetogether house Rules

Our intent on Wetradetogether is to add value and build community.

To do so we have a few guidelines that, if followed most of the time by the majority, will promote such intent.

Respecting Fellow Members

This is the most important thing. Please try to treat others how you would like to be treated.

Adding Value

When you tag a tweet with a $ for inclusion to the stream you will want it to add value for other members of our community.

The best stocktweets will relate to a specific asset, specific set up or trade you are making and subjects where you are knowledgeable. It may be an opinion or new information. It may be a great link (see below for more on linking).

What to Leave Out

Tweets that do not have to do with markets should be left off the stream.

Shout outs for great trades are awesome when they reference specific calls and/or tweets by others but they are not as awesome when there is no reference made.

Extended discussions of politics should be left off the stream. If the politics relates specifically to markets and adds value than it is ok.

One suggestion is to take things back channel by using an @reply without the $ or a DM (direct message) when discussions veer from adding market related value.

Cheerleading stocks in general is noisy and discouraged.


Please refrain from posting stocks that trade under $1 or that are highly illiquid.

Also, please do not cheerlead microcaps in general.

If you mention a microcap stock on occasion and your tweet is informative or actionable, that is ok but pumping stocks or repeatably mentioning them while adding nothing of value is unacceptable.

So if you like a micro cap and express that, that’s fine. But if you repeatedly mention microcaps or mention them without any good information attached and repeatedly, then we will have no choice but to block you. Bottom line.


Using vulgar language is not loved on Wetradetogether though we will usually put up with occasional usage.

In the heat of the moment colorful language is natural. Nevertheless, we’ve learned from community feedback that some find it offensive which makes sense.

The one exception of course is if your tweet is really funny. You can get away with a well placed expletive if the tweet is hilarious.


Links are awesome on Wetradetogether when they go directly to an article, chart or some type of information that is of value. They are not awesome when they go to a sign in page or to another link.

They are also not awesome when the implicit reasoning for tweeting is site promotion rather than adding value and frankly we view this as spam.

When linking to an external site, please use a URL shortener. It shortens the tweet leaving more room for a description.

Please do not link to a homepage. Instead, link directly to the article supplementing your tweet.

Please do not link to the same post more than once. This includes ReTweeting yourself.


Its important to pace tweets such that one person does not stuff the stream with a series of numerous rapid fire tweets in succession.

You might have noticed that this occurs most often when a bot gets on the feed but it sometimes occurs when someone gets very excited and forgets that they are broadcasting to thousands of people simultaneously.


Simply participating in markets assures that we will be wrong often and the nature of Wetradetogether assures that what you tweet here will be public. As such, it is critical not only to publicize your winners but to follow up on your losers as well. There is no better way to earn the respect of the community than by modeling how you handle bad 'red' trades.

Market vs Non Market Hours

In general, there is a bit less demand to adhere to etiquette during non market hours.


These house rules are not set in stone. They are, though, a road map for the benefit of everyone over the longer term as the community grows in number and richness of information.

This is a community where much high quality real time actionable information is shared and we want to keep it that way. All of us share responsibility to determine what we will include by tagging with the $ and what we will leave out.




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