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Private beta is the version for super users and early testers who will give useful feedback we can then incorporate into the final version.

Wetradetogether supports the need for socializing expressed of financial market followers, making this the social network you have always wanted.

With —market insight, ideas, news streaming in real time, charts and analyses, with notes and comments, conferencing and desktop sharing in order to follow trades in real time, clubs to help groups be more awesome— wetradetogether allows traders and investors to accept followers to see what they are investing in.

Wetradetogether was founded in 2011 and is based in New York.

Currently in private beta

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Market Pulse

Be in tune with the market.

Share idea and gets broad dissemination across the financial web and twitter facebook linkedin. Explore!


Enter the market at the right time

Keep up with your friends and share your charts and analisys with comments & notes. Explore!


Realize what happens the market.

Discuss ideas all over the world no matter where you are and share your trades in real time. Explore!


Together to beat the market.

Join or start a club near you, meet your local friend and follow and copy other traders in real-time. Explore!