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Charts and Analysis

The chart is the tool of analysis used and consulted by those who work in online trading. Users have the ability to edit, share and group them into collections and mentioning them in the links of the microblog.

At the center at the top and in the column to the right just after the summary of the charts, are the spaces reserved for the Sponsor as indicated by arrows.

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Micro blog

The reading of micro blog is the means by which users can obtain information on the financial markets, the trend of the securities, the advice of experts and much more. When is made a research, the micro blog on the same matter are grouped together. Moreover its central location in the home page makes it easy to read.

The characters of micro blog by part of a Sponsor is highlighted in "bold ".

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The widget is the major tool for viral marketing because it can be inserted into blogs, wiki, financial letters, etc. Its purpose is to facilitate interaction between users and external Internet users.

The sponsor's logo is placed in the center of the widget that can be realized in different colors

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Widget embedded in a blog

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The Tradingcast is one of the most important functions of our social networks because it is used for the teaching of techniques of share trading or stock exchange operations

The sponsor's logo is shown next to the name of who leads the session

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The Tradingcast system

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Search Tradingcast

The "search" is the most used function by users who need to find the course or the trading session to which he wants to participate.

The sponsor's logo is shown on the tab that leads to the Tradingcast

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For beginners to attend courses on trading online is the most important topic to in improve their operations and activities.

The sponsor's brand will be highlighted in each course that will be offered.

Sponsor course site TEEN

The Learning Managing System

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As part of the collections of charts, the display mode "Slide-show" is the most widely used by users to view in sequence their charts and those of other users

The sponsor's logo appears in the center of each slide

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